2024 Paesano Bocce News: 

This year’s Paesano Bocce Club’s Annual Summer Meet & Greet Tournament kicked off on May 19th with a 5K walk with the Pink Sista’s. (a non-profit to help women find connections with other women as well finding themselves again after a breast cancer diagnosis.) The il Sacco Bocce Tournament kicked off at 9 AM (after 30 minutes of scrambling to put together random teams) with 3 pools of 4 teams. Each pool winner and the best 2nd place team moved onto the playing in the single elimination playoff. A fun day with many new faces and a party atmosphere. Congrats to John Hansen’s team (John, Kathy Geller, John Guido and Richard Larson) for winning the Tournament.

2023 Bocce Season

Summer Bocce Season has started, . . . . Come play with us!

With temperatures 12-15 degrees above normal the Paesano Bocce Club kicked off their 2023 Summer Bocce League Season. With many returning teams and the addition of several new teams this looks like a real fun competitive season.  New Bocce members enjoyed the great atmosphere the club has to offer with our four new carpets on concrete courts. The picnic tables were full of all sorts of food and drink and no lack of adult beverages!

All Monday and Tuesday night returning teams had a similar look to last year. The skill level has taken a giant leap along with the fun friendly bantering! Wednesday and Thursday night had a completely new look adding several new players and new teams.  Looks like Wednesday is certainly the fun night! Thursday night had the newest players from, “I never played before.” “I haven’t played in years.” I only played on grass in my back yard.” etc. A great bunch of folks that really enjoyed themselves and are 100% happy they signed up! It was great to see several experienced players, Brad, Rick, Doug and myself  come out and help coach new players! It was great to see how much improvement happened in just one night.

See you all next week!



Membership Fees:
Single Membership, $100 Play one summer league night
Family Membership, (Couples) $150
Under 21, $20
Each additional night(team) $25 Per Person (play on multiple summer league nights)

Substitute at Large, $15 fee per night for “non-members”, $0 for members . (non-member does not get the right to practice or use the Paesano Bocce Club Courts. The right to use the courts at any time is reserved for Paeano Bocce Club Members and Cedarville Park Share holder sonly.)

Play in Fall League, Members $25 Per Person, Non-Members $40

Being a Paesano Bocce Club Members gives you certain rights to practice and play in some select tournaments.

Ciao Paesano Bocce Club Members and Friends, . . .

Paesano Bocce Club held the 29th Annual Festa Italiana Bocce Tournament:

What a beautiful day for a Bocce Tournament. The Paesano Bocce Club hosted the 29th Annual Festa Italiana Bocce Tournament! Congratulations to the Champs, Vino Rosso! LR, Larry Cereghino, Chuck Just, Nick Rossi, Paul Barasch.
Thank you, Jochim & Associates, Private Wealth Advisor for Sponsoring the Tournament.
Here are a few Pics from the day! We had players from Southern California to Seattle. Truly la famiglia bocce!

Paesano Bocce Club 2022 Championship Sunday:

Here are the Championship Sunday Results but before I get to them there are so many things to cheer about the 2022 Bocce Season! Championship Sunday/ Pot Luck was huge success! There are a couple of other things that stand out to me. One is the culture of the club. We are no longer “the good old boys playing bocce” We are an all-inclusive “la famiglie Bocce”!  And, . . . I’m so excited about how much our women participations has increased. Move over boys, we got us some pretty talented ladies!  Thanks everyone for a great season! ~ Mario Pompei

Here is a message from Brad that sums up championship Sunday!

A beautiful day for bocce as all four courts were filled with members from every night of the Paesano Bocce Club Leagues. We had members, who weren’t competing on Sunday, who came out to show support, cooking yummy foods and pouring drinks to create a lively environment. Great to see all the players sticking around after their matches ended, enjoying the action and potluck. The bocce action was great as for all three nights, a team with one loss beat the undefeated team forcing a third game for the championship. Our newcomers on Thursday night, finished in style too, as both games that were played were tied all along the way with the games ending 12-10 and 12-11. Thank you to all 29 teams that participated in our leagues this year, as each one of you is equally important to this year’s success and future success of the Paesano Bocce Club.


Monday Night Tuesday Night Wednesday Night Thursday Night

1) Stughatz 1) Six Guys named Joe 1) Royal Scarabs 1) Boozy Bunch

2) I Prescelti 2) P Shooters 2) Le Sorelle Delle Bocce 2) New Kids on the Bocce

3) Vino Rosso 3) Hands off my pallino 3) Sunny Rollers 3) The Family Pack

From the President ~ Here are a few Pics from Sunday. Sorry I don’t have more and I’m sure I missed a couple of teams! (if I missed you and you have a pic add it to the post! Hard to take pictures when playing but look at all those smiling faces!

Paesano Bocce Club 2022 Men and Women Single’s Championship

 We have a Men’s and Women’s Single Champion and bragging rights for a full year. Under extremely hot weather (97 Degrees) that us Oregonians aren’t used to we had a “Fantastic” Singles Tournament. 16 men and 16 women faced off to see who would be crowned. The men finished in the heat with Ben Mititiero beating out Jon Epley for the championship. Rick Cervi beat out tournament director Brad Cotton that nearly collapsed after their game to get 3rd place. Unfortunately, we didn’t complete the women’s championship on Sunday. The top four women all agreed to play out the championship on Monday Morning.

And, . . . The final results for the Women’s Single Champion are in. Under much cooler weather the top four women faced off on Monday Morning. With much less weather stress Martha Bueche defeated Becky Trullinger for the Women’s Club Championship. Becky came in 2nd and Kathy Zak defeated Cathy Blazak for 3rd place.

Again, I am extremely proud of all who played under these tough conditions and especially proud of the 16 women that stepped up to let everyone know we have some pretty good women players at the Paesano Bocce Club.

Thank you to everyone that came out to play and helped.

19th Annual Aldo Rossi Bocce Tournament

It was perfect weather for the Aldo Rossi Tournament on Sunday July 10th. $1200 in prize money was up for grabs. The tournament was sponsored by Aldo’s son, league member Nick Rossi and family AND The Nick Rossi Team. Nick was the referee for the tense and exciting final Championship Game, thrilling the spectators enjoying the match in the comfortable shade. Two of our club’s powerhouses battled it out for first, with I Prescelti narrowly edging out Stughatz.

1st Place, I Preseclti, Mario Pompei, Cody Mason, Butch Mason & Doug Burchak

2nd Place, Stughats, Ben Mitittiero, Tony Aiello, Wayne Pompei & Antonio Mitittiero

Other place winners are as follows.

3rd Place, Foster Farms from Seattle. a past winner

4th Place, Kick in the Kulo from Seattle

5th Place, Flying Pallinos with 3 Seattle Players and our own Wednesday ‘s night player, David Cross who didn’t hesitate to be a late fill in. Incidentally, he lost his glasses at the tournament, so if anyone came across a pair at the tournament, he would love to have them back.

6th Place, Auburn Bocce Club from Washington.

7th Place, Pallino or Bust

8th Place, Squandra Favale captained by Nick Rossi.

Kudos to Ball Busters, one of our Wednesday night’s teams for entering the tournament. They showed they had skills just barely missing out on a couple of victories.

A big thank you to everyone who came out early to help set up and take down. The Pompei and Mason Family members serving lunch, and to all who stayed to the end of the tournament creating a lively atmosphere for the players to play in front of. Thank you to Jakki Cotton, who kept the two days of bocce moving smoothly and quickly.


Cody Mason, Doug Burchak, Mario Pompei, Butch Mason
Sponsored by The Nick Rossi Team:

2023 Upcoming Tournaments.

Paesano Bocce Calendar of events2023 Paesano Bocce Club Calendar of Events

May 21st, Paesano Bocce Club’s Meet and Greet Tournament

June 5, 6, 7, & 8th, Paesano Bocce Club Summer Bocce Leagues Start

June 18th, Paesano Bocce Club’s Singles Championship

July 8th, Paesano Bocce Club’s Oregon vs Washington Invitational Tournament

July 9th, Paesano Bocce Club’s Annual Aldo Rossi Open Bocce Tournament

July 23rd, Paesano Bocce Club Skills Challenge,

August 6th, Paesano Bocce Club’s Mixed Doubles Open Bocce Championships

August 13th, Paesano Bocce Club League Championships and Pot Luck

August 20th, Paesano Bocce Club’s Festa Italiana Open Bocce Tournament,

September 10th, Fall League starts.

Want to play Bocce?

There are many openings for teams.  Interested? Contact us, https://paesanobocceclub.com/contact-us/

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There are many ways you can help support The Paesano Bocce Club. We are continuing to raise funds to finish the two new additional courts and then add a 100 ft by 50 ft building over the courts.

Many ways to contribute! Help support Bocce in Gresham.

Create your Legacy! Buy a paver for $100. These pavers are part of the walkway surrounding the courts.
Sample Brick
  • Sponsor a $500 sign and get the sign to be displayed around the fence with “Your Name or Business Name”
  • Become a Tournament Sponsor for $1,000
    • Gresham Ford Mixed Doubles
    • Aldo Rossi Open
    • Fred Siri Challenge
  • Other Tournament Needing Sponsor
    • Club Paesano Singles Championship
    • Festa Italiana Open
    • NW Invitational Challenge (Oregon vs Washington)
    • West Coast Challenge (California vs Oregon/Washington)
  • Sponsor a court for $2500 and a get a larger banner to be displayed at the end of the court with “Your Name or Business Name”
  • Sponsor the Building Cover for $5,000 it would be displayed on the Building “Your Name or Business Name” with a large sign visible from Springwater Trail, Powell Blvd and Walmart Parking lot.
A lot of ways to help support the Bocce Club. If you are interested in showing you support contact Mario or Larry at [email protected]

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