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Caio Paesano Bocce Club Members and Friends!

How turn lemons into lemonade, . . . 

After much debate over how to have a 2020 Bocce season with all the restrictions that are in place and practicing “safe” Bocce it was determined to limit the number of players and still get everyone to play. Have four teams on two courts will accomplish this. Games to 21 are almost 2 complete games (21 vs 24) However, we still at this time don’t know if Multnomah County will allow sporting events but this is our plan moving forward. (if sporting events are allowed with restrictions)

That said, we are going to take this opportunity to make lemonade, . . .  We have a plan to immediately tear out the old natural surface courts and start to build two new courts. Take this COVID-19 season as an opportunity to get this accomplished. With the good weather that will allow Cement trucks to drive on the grass and availability manpower we can do it. Our biggest hurdle will be funds to complete this. We need to raise another $5K – $10K. I think we can do this and get close with memberships.

So, as much as I would love to have a normal season, we agreed to bite the bullet, have a Bocce season so everyone can play and build two new courts! Hopefully all our members understand and support what we are trying to accomplish.

Grazie, . . . 

Paesano Bocce Club

New Health and Safety Rules for 2020

Paesano Bocce Club (16 players in the area) We will only play on the two artificial surface courts.

  • We will play one game per night to 21 (vs 3 games to 12)
  • Game one will start at 6 PM, Warm ups at 5:50 Play one game to 21 or until time limit of 7:20. No frame to start after 7:20. If match is tied there will be a one frame tiebreaker.
  • Game two will start at 7:30 PM, Warm ups at 7:20, Play one game to 21 or until time limit of 8:50. No frame to start after 8:50. If match is tied there will be a one frame tiebreaker  
  • Club balls provided will be cleaned before each match
  • If using club balls separate by circles and squares
  • If using personal balls mark two ball with black marker
  • Only 1 player on the court at a time (in the Kitchen) next person up be ready.
  • Players must stay 6’ feet apart following social distancing rules (bring your own lawn chair is encouraged)
  • Keep measurements to a minimum
  • Paesano Bocce Club will provide cleaners and disinfectants at each end
  • Pallino will be cleaned before each game
  • Masks are highly recommended
  • No sharing of food.
  • One person assigned to do all measurements for each game
  • One person assigned to change the scoreboard
  • Do not touch other balls. After the frame kick the balls back to the end.

Want to play Bocce?

There are still openings for teams.  Interested? Contact us, 


Become a Paesano Bocce Club Supporter

There are many ways you can help support The Paesano Bocce Club. We are continuing to raise funds to finish the two new additional courts and then add a 100 ft by 50 ft building over the courts.

Many ways to contribute! Help support Bocce in Gresham.

To name a court it’s $2500. Sign posted at end of court or large sign on fence. i. e. 
Sponsor a single event! $1000 and get a banner for that event plus advertising. i.e.
 Donate $1000 and get a smaller sign to hang on the fence! i. e. Metro Marine
Create your Legacy! Buy a paver for $100. These pavers are part of the walkway surrounding the courts.
buy a Paver.png
new courts 66.JPG
A lot of ways to help support the Bocce Club. If you are interested in showing you support contact Mario or Larry at


Other Paesano Bocce Club Sponsors

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