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2020 Paesano Bocce Season to resume!

Ciao Paesano Bocce Club Members,

We are excited to announce we are going to have a 2020 Summer Bocce League. With all the current COVID-19 restrictions in place the Paesano Bocce Club leadership team met to develop a plan to meet any and all restrictions. The outline below is to make sure we have less than 25 people playing at any time. 

The league play is set to begin on June 15th and June 16th These dates are tentative as we must wait for Governor Brown’s approval of Multnomah County to allow for groups of 25 or less to meet for sporting activity. At present, Multnomah County has not applied to Governor for permission. So starting date may be delayed. 

2020 Special Bocce rules based on conditions we are dealing with. 

We will be using just the two artificial surface courts this year. This will limit the number of players to 16.

We will have two matches starting at 6 PM with warmup at 5:50 PM.  You will play one game to 21 or until time limit of 7:20 pm. No frame can start after 7:20. If match is tied at time limit., there will be one frame tiebreaker.  

We will have one or two matches starting at 7:30 pm with warmup at 7:20 PM. You will play one game to 21 or until time limit of 8:50 pm. No frame can start after 8:50 PM. If match is tied at time limit., there will be one frame tiebreaker.   

  1.  House balls and your personal set must be clean and sanitized before each week. Note: We will attempt to have sanitation materials available each week however it is recommended you bring your personal sanitation material as needed.
  2. Players will stay 6 feet apart following social distancing protocols.
  3. Please bring your personal lawn chairs to help with separation.
  4. Masks are recommended.
  5. Limit touching bocce balls with your hands as much as possible. 

Schedules will be published prior to the start of the season and can always be found on our schedule tab. Go to “About” tabs drop down tab and select “Schedule.”

Want to play Bocce?

There are still openings for teams.  Interested? Contact us, 


Who Are We?

Located in Gresham, Oregon members of Club Paesano have been playing bocce at Cedarville Park since 1976. Under the shade of tall fir trees two initial courts were built with four more added by 2006. With courts came tournaments and with tournaments came leagues. Click to read more about Paesano Bocce Club’s history.

What is Bocce?

There are plenty of videos about rules, but this short 1 minute clip to the right sums it up.







Registration Form

Individual Registration Form, Please remit all payments to: Paesano Bocce Club, 720 SE 166th Place, Portland Oregon 97233
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