About The Paesano Bocce Club 501(c)(3)

Since 1976 members of Club Paesano, (501 c 7) have been playing Bocce at Cedarville Park, in Gresham Oregon. The first year that the Paesano’s owned the Park, two courts were built underneath the tall firs. In the early 90’s two more courts were added to accommodate the growing number of people who attended the Paesano picnic who wanted to play Bocce. From 2002 to 2005 all four of the courts were rebuilt and a new surface was added. As the sport became more popular, the Paesano’s added two more courts in 2006 bringing the total to six. Along with more courts came more tournaments. In 2007 some Paesano members decided to form a Bocce league. The league grew to two nights a week very quickly. Due to the increased demand, in 2011 Cedarville Park decided to form a Bocce Club which today is a DBA of the Corporation, Club Paesano Cedarville Park. This enabled more people to enter the private facility to practice and play when the Park was available. Today there is a league play on Monday, Tuesday,, Wednesday and Thursday nights. In 2019 The Paesano Bocce Club started their new court construction. They replaced two natural surface courts with concrete and carpet. This reduced the maintenance required on natural surface courts and expand the season. In the fall of 2021, the Paesano Bocce Club started to replace the last two natural surface courts with two concrete and carpeted courts. These new courts were completed and opened in the Spring of 2022. The next phase of the plan is to cover the four new courts with a metal roof. Once the cover is completed the plan is to remove the carpet and apply Polyurethane as the new surface. In early 2024 The Paesano Bocce Club applied for and was granted non-profit status 501(c)(3). Being a Paesano Bocce Club member gives you some rights to practice and play in some select tournaments. All are welcome to join the Paesano Bocce Club!


Mission Statement:

Create an all-inclusive Bocce Environment primarily focused on promoting and preserving the game of Bocce while encouraging individuals at all skill levels to participate.


Build The Premier World Class Outdoor Bocce Facility in Gresham, Oregon and Promote Paesano Bocce Club to a level that substantially increases our membership yet maintains the closeness of friendship, support and understanding between members.


Honor the History of the game of Bocce

Know the rules, Respect Referees and Officials during tournaments and league play

Commit to help and encourage all Bocce Players and Club Members.

Support our Sponsors

Have Respect and Appreciation for our Office Bearers, Volunteer Workers, and Fellow Club Members

Redefine winning thru the Mastery of Bocce instead of the Scoreboard.

Our Board of Directors (9)

    President, Mario Pompei
    Treasurer, Rick Cervi
    Secretary, Kelly Barasch
Board Members,
    Membership Services and Competition Chair, Brad Cotton
    Club Mechanicals and Grounds, Doug Burchak
    Non-Profit, Paul Barasch
    Carol Nielsen
    Lori Bass
    Consigliere, Larry Cereghino